Why Newcastle Wanted Exactly £27M For Wijnaldum

It seems that PSV were smart enough to put a sell-on clause into Gini Wijnaldum’s contract when he was signed for £14.5M from the top Dutch club last July.

The sell-on clauses are generally around 20% which means that PSV would get 20% of the profit Newcastle make on the deal with Liverpool.


Gini Wijnaldum – sell-on clause in contract

It’s been banded about that Newcastle wanted £25M for Gini over the summer and then that figure – at least in the Chronicle – has recently been quoted at £27M.

So it seems like Newcastle added £2M onto the fee to help pay for what they would need to pay PSV.

With a £27M deal they would need to give PSV 20% of £(27-14.5)M which is £2.5M – so Newcastle would get £24.5M.

If the sell-on clause is at 15% – then PSV would get £1.875M and Newcastle £25.125M

There’s news in Holland that PSV do have a sell-on clause in Gini’s contract and a PSV spokesperson is quoted as saying this in De Telegraaf today:

“We can confirm that there is a re-sale rate.” “But we will not communicate any further details.”

Newcastle would also be well advised to put a sell-on clause in Wijnaldum’s Liverpool contract, with the transfer fees likely to escalate significantly in the next few years.

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