This Talented Youngster Causing Buzz In Development Squad

Peter Beardsley has been praising 20 year-old Moroccan Yasin El-Mhanni as having unbelievable ability ever since he arrived at Newcastle on July 8th, after the Magpies had seen off competition for the youngster from Arsenal, Leicester and Norwich City.

The very skillful youngster has been compared to Leicester’s Riyad Mahrez and his terrific skills have already been showcased on Nike commercials with Barcelona’s Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid.

Yasin Ben El-Mhanni

20 year-old Yasin El-Mhanni

The midfielder was the star player for the Newcastle U-21 side in yesterday’s 3-0 win over Corby Town in our Steel Park Cup opening game.

It’s good to see Newcastle teams winning again even though it is only pre-season with the first team winning 4-0 at Lokeren in Belgium yesterday.

The young Moroccan plays in left midfield and has been very impressive since joining Newcastle and is creating a buzz for sure.

But he is still a very raw talent and it’s one of Peter Beardsley’s jobs as Development manager to coach him and to improve his all-around game  – especially his defensive game – as just one of the things that are needed in the lad’s development.

This is what Peter has said about the player today:

“He’s got unbelievable ability.” “I would say, without being negative, he needs to learn the game.”

“By that I mean going forward he’ll never have a problem because he’s got brilliant talent, but obviously he needs to know when to defend, when to help, when to get himself organised, but a great kid.”

“He’s come in and he’s embraced everything we’ve tried to do and we’re enjoying having him.” “If I’m being honest I can’t take any credit for bringing him in.”

“Steve Nickson and his recruitment staff are the reason he’s here, and fair play to them because he’s obviously got a talent, which they saw and we’re just trying to enhance that and make it better.”

One of the areas Rafa Benitez is looking for a vast improvement in is the Development squad – and their ability to bring players through to the first team.

We have to hope that Yasin El-Mhanni will soon be one of them and his next step would be to join the first team  squad in training.

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