Striker Pledges Allegiance To Newcastle And Fans

Aleksandar Mitrovic was simply delighted to sign on at Newcastle last summer and join the club of his idol – Alan Shearer.

Mitro had a patchy time of it in his first season in England, but still managed to score 9 goals in the Premier League and showed what an excellent player he can become with the right guidance from a  great manager like Rafa Benitez.

Aleksander Mitrovic Rafa Benitez Hands On Shoulders

A great shot of Rafa Benitez and Aleksandar Mitrovic
Now listen son – you got kicked in the head – you are unconscious

And while some players wanted to leave the club just as quickly as they could once Newcastle were relegated in May, Mitro was one of the first players to come and say he was going nowhere and would help Newcastle get straight back to the Premier League.

Fans will remember that commitment.

Mitro is also a recent father of son Luka – little Mitro – and he is now really settled at Newcastle with his partner Kristina – he  just loves the place.

Mitro (the big one) has given an exclusive interview with the Chronicle today – this is some of what the striker has said:

“I feel like I am at home. It is a nice city, the people are nice and it’s a big club.” “The fans are just brilliant. I honestly feel like I am just back in my home country.”

“The fans here are very special and the people here want to talk to you in the city about the team and football. That’s their passion.”

“We need to keep the bond good between the fans and the club this season.” “It is an amazing feeling at the moment to be a player.”

“It is why I signed here, and the reason I want to be a footballer.” “I enjoy every day in training and each game I play.”

“I hope to give back a lot of the love from the fans with goals.” “We have a good relationship and I hope that continues this season.”

“I want us to get promoted and for everybody to enjoy it as a group, the fans and players.”

That sounds like a pledge of allegiance to Newcastle and to the fans.

Aleksandar will miss the first four matches of the new season after a late challenge on Kyle Walker in the final game of the season against Spurs got him sent off.

That was his second sending off during last season – the other one was at home to Arsenal early on –  so it’s a four match ban for the young striker, who we have to remember is still only 21.

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