Newcastle Defender’s Goal – Fight His Way Back To Full Fitness

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Center-back Curtis Good was signed from Melbourne Heat four years ago for £400K on a six year deal when he was just 19.

He came to Newcastle with hopes of a bright future and he came well recommended, but after a couple of decent loan spells he’s basically been out of the game for over two years now, after picking up a hip injury in his debut for Australia back in March, 2014 against Ecuador.

That injury has kept him out of the game for over two years  and there were numerous problems in his recovery that has required three surgeries to finally fix the problem.

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Curtis Good in debut for Australia against Ecuador
In March, 2014

Curtis is now fully fit and playing again and he has talked today about his long-lasting injury nightmare since he’s been on Tyneside.

This is what Curtis has told the Chronicle:

“Definitely I’m starting to get back to where I want to be.” “It was a horrible couple of years but I feel this will be my first pre-season completed in a long while and I’m feeling a lot more confident in my body now, which is a big thing psychologically.”

“It’s important to first and foremost get the confidence back in my body, then try to prove myself and try to challenge for a slot in the first team.”

“It was the same injury and I had the three surgeries; the first one didn’t work and it was sort of done more cautiously because of the area being operated on.” 

“The third time I went over to Colorado and got some surgery and rehab out there which hopefully has done the trick and now it’s a good sign I think.” “It’s about getting games under your belt.”

“Even playing at Corby you realise that physically you’re not what you were even a couple of years ago and, even though these games weren’t too tough, you can still feel it.”

“You need to get that physical game back and that match sharpness; it’s important and every minute counts for me.”

“I did talk to Rafa towards the end of last season and his biggest message to me was: ‘Prove you can still play at the top level physically.’”

“So I’ve got to prove my fitness and that’s what I’m trying to do and trying to prove that to myself and to the club.”

“I think it’s important that I get full games backed up and then we can see what happens, but I must prove myself 100%  physically and see where it takes me.”

“Definitely I feel like a senior figure.”  “Look at the age group and there’s a few of us here now who are still in their early 20s but there’s others who are 16, 17 and 18 years of age.”

“But I definitely feel like there’s a senior boy, particularly given that I was in their situation when I first came here.”

“I’m on the flip side now though.”

Curtis was treated at the Steadman Clinic over here in Vail, Colorado where  footballers receive advanced treatment for various serious injuries.

Newcastle players Alan Shearer, Michael Owen, Shola Ameobi and Ryan Taylor have received treatment over the years.

The 23 year-old Melbourne-born Australian now has to ensure he can get himself fully fit and the more games he can play this season the better.

Curtis has had two loan spells at Bradford City and Dundee United and he may be sent out on loan again this season, but first he has to prove he is fit enough to play week in and week out.

That’s the first test for the 23 year-old who has only the one cap for Australia and has made one first team appearance for Newcastle.

That was in the League Cup at Morcambe back in August, 2013 in the 2-0 win.

Because of all the injuries Curtis has picked up he has only 40 first team games under his belt so far and one of his goals this season has to be to get a lot more first team games out on loan somewhere.

We really hope he can do that.

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