Wages Of Top 20 Coaches In Europe – Is Rafa There?

Rafa Benitez is well paid at Newcastle and the general word on his wages was that he was getting £5M/year over the three years of his Newcastle contract.

That’s fairly close according to a new analysis conducted by Finance Football on the best paid coaches in Europe, with Rafa actually getting €5M – which with today’s exchange rate is £4.46M.

rafa benitez spurs 987

Rafa Benitez – seems to be happy with €5M/year wages

It looks like  Rafa is joint 11th in the table below and just outside the top 10 – not bad for a manager in England’s second division, at least for this season.

Maybe if Newcastle become a Premier League club next May he’ll be able to make that top 10?

Certainly he’s worth every penny that the man is being paid, because not only is he completely transforming the Newcastle squad, but he’s also identifying and directing changes to the facilities to make Newcastle United into one of the best clubs in Europe.

The extra revenue Newcastle will get this season from the season ticket sales and attendances will more than pay for his wages.

And then hopefully once we get back into the Premier League,  finishing higher up in the table with the extra revenue the club will receive from that will again more than pay for his wages.

Here’s the table produced by Finance Football which shows Pep Guardiola getting €18M (£16.07) from money-bags Manchester City, Carlo Ancelotti getting €15M (£13.39M) from Bayern Munich and Jose Mourinho getting a measly €14.5M (£12.95) from Manchester United.


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