Sissoko – What It Would Take To Leave Newcastle

Rafa had said before the game last night at Fulham that he had talked with both Moussa Sissoko and his agent about what needs to happen before Moussa will be allowed to leave Newcastle.

That basically is that a bid for Moussa comes in at Newcastle’s valuation of him which is said to be around £35M in cash.

moussa sissoko a-300x225

Moussa Sissoko in France’s colors

And in his long interview with Foot Mercato today Moussa has talked about what is needed for him to leave Newcastle:

“As I said Newcastle is open. If any club put the asking price, Newcastle will not reject the offer. Maybe these clubs there have not been offering what the club wanted.”

“It was fine (coming back to Newcastle).  “I was welcomed and congratulated. I had the opportunity to see colleagues.”  “They were happy with my Euro, that of the France team.”

“They know all my desires. They support me, they are behind me.”

“It’s been a week since I returned. I was able to work out with the group.”  “Everything went well.”   “It was nice to see them again.”

“Rafa and I have discussed things. He said he expected an offer, if everything was in good order, there would be no problem.”

It seems Rafa and Moussa are in lock-step on his potential move – that’s good – but Moussa also knows it may not happen.

I’m not a betting man, but if I was it seems there’s a good chance Newcastle could get the full £35M they want on Moussa.

That’s because there’s still a lot of hype surrounding Sissoko and some really big clubs (with money) are said to be interested in signing him.

With the Paul Pogba move to Manchester United almost certain to be announced soon, things could move quickly after that.

If Newcastle do sell Moussa then Rafa may want to use some of that £35M to further strengthen the Newcastle side before August is out.

Last night’s performance was worrying.

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