More Verbal Nonsense From Moussa Sissoko

Newcastle’s Moussa Sissoko is doing his best to attract a big enough club that Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez will let him go this summer and for a lot of Newcastle fans that would be just great.

We are sick of this man talking about bigger clubs than Newcastle and it would be good to see him move before the end of the month for £35M in cash – but we’re not sure clubs as big as Real Madrid pay for their players in cash up front.

Where are our friends at Liverpool in all of this?

rafa benitez moussa sissoko

Rafa Benitez with Moussa Sissoko

Unfortunately Moussa has been interviewed again – this time in the French daily L’Equipe and there has been news that Real Madrid are interested in him, but there was a report in the Madrid outlet Marca a couple of days ago saying that was just not true.

But that doesn’t seemed to have stopped our Moussa from talking about his dream club – which now seems to be Real Madrid.

This is what Moussa said in L’Equipe yesterday when asked about the reported interest of Real Madrid:

“That’s flattering. Who would not be flattered by the interest of one of the best clubs in the world, if not the best?”

“It’s simple when you are young and you start playing football, your dream is to become a professional and play for a club like Real Madrid or Manchester United.”

“Today I worked my way up. Everything goes well and if a club like Real comes to me it will be something huge.”

How did Manchester United get in there?

Oh yes – we remember now – Manchester United were his dream club growing up.

But just a minute now – wasn’t that Arsenal?

Moussa Sissoko has three years left on his Newcastle contract, and there is also said to be interest in him from Everton, Borussia Dortmund, Paris St-Germain and a club that really wants him badly – Crystal Palace.

It’s an excellent time for Newcastle to cash in on him after he had two good games for France at the Euro 2016 tournament in the summer – or was that three?

That’s more than he had for Newcastle last season during our relegation season and we already have a replacement at the club in big Mohamed Diame for £4.5M from Hull City, who’s like Sissoko but scores more goals.

Who said Rafa wasn’t a good manager?

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