This Deal Could See Sissoko On His Way This Weeek

With Paul Pogba’s soap opera almost over – as he will complete his medical today and sign on for Manchester United for a ridiculous £110M – that leaves the way open for Moussa Sissoko to finally leave Newcastle.

And with the mad spending in the transfer market by some Premier League clubs going on this summer, we should be able get £35M for the midfielder and that deal will be classed as an Andy Carroll type deal – although Andy was a lot better player than Moussa is.

Two or three good games for France at the Euro 2016 Championships this summer has done wonders for his transfer fee – but that’s also terrific for Newcastle.

rafa benitez moussa sissoko

Rafa Benitez and Moussa Sissoko

And it looks like Moussa will get that move to his dream club – whether that be Real Madrid, PSG, Arsenal, Manchester United, Everton or even Crystal Palace.

Alan Pardew has said he is interested in Moussa but not at the £35M fee – but that’s only because  he knows Moussa is worth nowhere near that because he has coached him for two years – spoil sport.

Luckily other clubs may not know that.


If Moussa leaves for a huge club like Real Madrid or even PSG, he may find himself like Yohan Cabaye at PSG and Mathieu Debuchy at Arsenal, whose careers were completely stalled after they left Newcastle for pastures anew.

Both players got to know what it was like to warm the bench at a big club.

But once Moussa leaves Newcastle he’s gone – and we don’t really care how he does – but we’d be surprised if he keeps playing as well as he did for France last summer.

That play was principally because of Rafa Benitez’ excellent coaching, as he brought the best out of the Frenchman in the short time he had to coach him, but Moussa doesn’t see that.

Most fans will be glad to see the back of Moussa Sissoko and not many want him to stay at the club.

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