Rafa Reveals What He Told Sissoko About Those Interviews

Rafa Benitez has told BBC Radio Newcastle he has spoken to Moussa Sissoko about the inappropriate interviews he has given particularly in the French press, as the French International has almost pleaded with Real Madrid to come and get him from Newcastle.

We’re not absolutely sure, but we think Real Madrid is now his current dream team, but that’s just a wild guess.


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Rafa Benitez has told Moussa Sissoko how he should behave

Benitez told Moussa he understood his desire to get a move but doing it in public is just not the right way.

This is what Rafa has said in full about Moussa today to BBC Radio Newcastle:

“If someone thinks if they will wait until 31st August it will be easier, I can guarantee them it will be more difficult.” 

“If someone wants to come, they have to come now with the right offer and we will analyze that. If not, he is still our player and he carries on working hard.”

“Everyday will be more difficult because we are happy with him and we don’t have to sell.”

“I told Moussa we know how things work in modern football and that is not the right way (referring to Moussa’s interviews).” 

“I said, ‘You are a professional, you are our player, I rate you very highly and I like you as a person’. “

“‘Keep working hard and let other people do their business’.”

Rafa likes Moussa Sissoko, but the player will also listen to the experienced Newcastle manager whom he respects greatly and knows he is a world-class coach.

Hopefully there will be no more interviews from Sissoko, but it’s looking like Newcastle will not sell the Frenchman unless the club gets a really big offer – and they want the offers in soon.

That’s a good position the manager has taken.

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