Newcastle’s Terrible Start Because Of This – Hopefully

Who would have thought when the Championship League fixtures came out and we saw we were away to Fulham and at home to Huddersfield in the first two games that we would lose both those games.

Both those opposing clubs have won both their opening games.

If Newcastle cannot get their act together rather quickly, we will be playing catch-up once the August fixtures are over and we still have three league games and an EPL cup game to play.

Cheltenham may even be fancying their chances against us a week on Tuesday.

gayle scores aftre penalty saved huddersfield

Dwight Gayle heads in after his penalty was blocked

Things are not unlike what they were last year around this time, when it had been positive in the summer with the club spending some big money on new players, but once the season started we drew at home to Southampton and then lost away at Swansea.

This time around we lost 1-0 at Fulham and 2-1 yesterday at home to the Terriers and our same old problems are there – we find it difficult to score goals and our defense continues to leak goals.

All three goals conceded so far this season have been preventable.

Two years ago we got 4 points from the first 7 games and last season we got 3 points from the first 8 games before we got our first wins of the season.

Let’s hope we don’t have to wait that long this season before we win a league game.


The thing that seems to be happening is that while it’s fine to bring in 8 new players and let 9 players leave the club, it also means we have a new team and it could take some time for the players to gel and start playing well together.

Rafa concentrated on the coaching during the summer and limited the travel of the squad so he could have the team playing well together before the start of the season.

We have been beaten and have even deserved to lose our first two games and it’s exactly what we didn’t want to happen – we were all hoping to get off to a good start.

The goal this season is to get immediately promoted back to the Premier League and if we cannot do that, it will be another tragedy at the level it was last season when we were relegated.

Last season the powers that be said we simply couldn’t get relegated and miss out the massive new money the Premier League is paying out over the next three years.

But rhat’s what happened even though the club paid out a massive £80M for new players last summer and in January.

We have to hope that Rafa can turn things around quickly and that this is only a temporary and initial blip this season.

If it isn’t, there is a lot more pain in store for the long-suffering Newcastle supporters.

Most fans this morning are in complete shock at the result yesterday.

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