Newcastle Proposed Player Exchange Deal Extremely Difficult

The Mail is reporting that Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez wants to bring James McCarthy from Everton to St. James’ park and he is willing to swap Moussa Sissoko for the 39 times capped Irish International with Newcastle also receiving some money from the Toffees in the deal.

Every time we’ve seen a photo of Moussa at Newcastle since he returned this summer, he’s looked glum so he’s making it known he doesn’t want to stay at a second division club this season – not a player as good as he (thinks he) is.

Moussa would also like to stay in the Premier League if possible and play for a Champions League club, but Everton have not be in the Champions League for some time now – so if he does move to the Toffees he will not get Champions League football.

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Moussa Sissoko and James McCarthy

The Mail is reporting Rafa is a big fan of James McCarthy and certainly the Glaswegian is a very good technical player and would be a terrific acquisition for Newcastle  – if we can persuade him to drop down a division to the Championship.

If Rafa can persuade James to join Newcastle then there is the question of  how much Everton rate James and it’s likely to be a high fee.

We think it may be difficult to get the £35M value Newcastle have placed on Sissoko via a player exchange deal, but we suppose if Rafa wants James McCarthy at Newcastle enough, he could be willing to do a deal.

Crystal Palace, Bournemouth, Watford, West Brom and Glasgow Celtic are said to be keen on Moussa, but we cannot think any of those clubs would be attractive to Moussa.

With only one week left in the transfer window something should be breaking soon in the Moussa Sissoko saga – and we cannot say we would be heartbroken if he leaves Newcastle.

Didn’t Moussa say that Everton was one of his dream clubs last summer?

Or maybe I was just dreaming that?


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