Sissoko Speaks To The Press – Blames Newcastle

Moussa Sissoko would be well advised not to speak to the French press and he seems to have put his foot in it again today and has blamed Newcastle.

He blames that big bad north-east club he plays for –  for asking too high a fee for him in the trasnfer market – and that’s what is delaying his exit from the club he has wanted to leave for at least two years now.

moussa sissoko nani final euros

Moussa Sissoko playing for France last summer

He has been speaking in an interview with L’Équipe today and said this:

“It is true that since I came back from my holiday at the beginning of August, I have trained again with Newcastle.”

“But as I am supposed to leave, I am training a little away from the squad, sometimes I am with them for smaller exercises, but for the important sessions, I am not there.”

“Newcastle are asking for €40M for me to be transferred. Honestly, they are overdoing it.”

“They bought me for barely €2M. That is why things are taking longer.”

Juventus bought Paul Pogba for less than a £1M four years ago from the Red Devils and they then charged Manchester United £112M for him this summer.

Were they overdoing it too?

Comments welcome.

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