Rafa Explains Why This Current System Has To Change

Rafa Benitez has talked this summer about how unsettling it is for teams and managers to start their season in August with the summer transfer window still open until August 31st – and some of the big players in the team can leave at almost any time.

What would be much more sensible is to have the transfer window close before the first game of the season and then the club knows what their squad will be for the season.

But try to tell that to the powers that be in the game.

rafa benitez in background newcastle vs brighton

Rafa Benitez during Brighton game yesterday

Before the game yesterday with Brighton, which ended in a good 2-0 win for Newcastle, Rafa was asked about the transfer window.

This is what he said:

“You are overpaying for players that maybe have another level, but the market has been crazy like this and something that has to change.”

“They should change the deadline for the transfer window, that’s very clear, but also the prices.”

“You cannot keep playing these commissions, these prices, these fees and these salaries for players just because we have the TV money.”

“No, we have to manage the same way. If you have some money you pay the value of the player and you pay this value.”

“If I go to the market one month ago with money, I could buy what I wanted.” “Now I can go and I have to buy what is available, and it’s more close to what I think what I need.”

“Then you can say I need this player with this characteristic, and he’s there in the market. “Now it’s about as getting as close as possible.”

“We don’t talk about the targets. “We have players in different positions.”

“I am really pleased with the squad and how they train, but we have to keep the balance.”

The market has been crazy especially this summer with the Premier League clubs new £5.1B TV rights deal having kicked in.

We have  seen ridiculous prices being paid by Premier League clubs for players, like the £100M paid out for Paul Pogba by Manchester United.

It’s good that Newcastle did some very good early transfer business this summer to get players in like Matz Sels, Dwight Gayle, Matt Ritchie, Issac Hayes and Jesus Gamez all by early July.

In fact Newcastle have done very well so far this summer and in a couple of days we could well have brought 12 players in over the summer.


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