Rafa Can Now Easily Block Any Move For Moussa Sissoko

The unthinkable is about to become thinkable.

Who would have thought after his display against Portugal in the final of the Euro 2016 tournament on July 10th – 51 days ago – that Moussa Sissoko would still be a Newcastle player with less than two days left of the transfer window?


Moussa Sissoko when told he’s staying on Tyneside


But that’s the situation as Rafa and Newcastle seem to have stuck to their guns and demanded £35M for Sissoko if a club wants to buy him.

And unless something breaks very quickly, it’s looking increasingly as if Moussa Sissoko will still be a Newcastle player on Thursday.

If a club does come in for him with a late bid Rafa can simply say he will still cost you £35M and with so little time left in the transfer window, most clubs would quickly look for alternative players to buy.

Of course Moussa has done his very best to leave Newcastle this summer (so what’s new?) and he has shown the number of clubs he dreamed of playing for when he was a youngster is much bigger than just one.

He has been honored to be linked with the likes of Arsenal, Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus and Inter-Milan and he has changed the league he would like to play in next season based on the latest club reported to be after him.

He wanted to stay in the Premier League, but only the smaller clubs like Crystal Palace and West Brom – along with Everton – seem to be interested.

Manchester United were only linked if they couldn’t sign Paul Pogba for that ridiculous £100M, which is one reason why Rafa has probably insisted on getting £35M for Moussa.

Moussa even looked a better player than Pogba at the Euro 2016 tournament.

Time is running out for Moussa to leave and we suppose a deal could still be done, but that has to be unlikely unless Newcastle can get north of £30M for him.

But given that Rafa never wanted to lose Moussaand that he had the big Frenchman playing his best football at Newcastle in those last few games of last season, Rafa will certainly not go out of his way to allow Moussa to leave Newcastle now.

In fact before the home game against Huddersfield in early August this is what the boss said:

“Moussa is someone we like as an individual and as a player.”

“If someone come in with a right offer we will consider it but if it’s not the right offer we are pleased to keep him here.”

“If someone is waiting to do a deal on 30th August, no chance, because we don’t need to sell.”

Rafa has also said since then that he is pleased Moussa is still at Newcastle, because he is a very good player and he also likes him as a person.

If Moussa stays then Rafa has a job on his hands to get Moussa’s mind on playing for Newcastle this season – and the Frenchman can forget very quickly about any move in January – he will be here for the season.

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