Update – Newcastle, Spurs Play Brinkmanship On Sissoko Deal

Sky Sports had reported earlier today that Moussa Sissoko would be joining Newcastle for a fee of £30M and that the fee would be paid in five installments of £6M each.

But it seems that Spurs may have come to their senses (that’s a pity) and thought more about the potential deal and they are now said to be reconsidering  things.

moussa sissoko a-300x225

Moussa Sissoko – traveling from Paris to London

This is what they reported less than two hours ago.

Newcastle have played hard ball with Tottenham and have told them they are not prepared to go lower than £30M for Sissoko.

Moussa earlier today had been given permission to leave the training camp with France to seal the deal and was traveling to London from Paris.

L’Equipe in France reported within the last hour that Spurs were still pushing for Sissoko.

The Chronicle is reporting that Newcastle do not want to be involved in a soap opera today that drags on for the next 12 hours before the transfer window closes.

The price for Moussa is £30M – take it or leave it.

Love it!

They would like a Spurs decision on Sissoko and sooner rather than later.

It seems at the moment the two clubs are playing some brinkmanship – and we will have to wait and see if either side will budge on their position.

Who will blink first?

We have to believe owner Mike Ashley is involved in this deal and the word is he does not want to sell Moussa this summer.

Comments welcome.

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