Toffees Close To Sissoko Bid – But Time Is Running Out

Tottenham seem to have now lost interest in Moussa Sissoko, after they bid £16M last night and then raised their offer today, but it was still short of the £35M want for the French midfielder.

Newcastle dropped their price to £30M and even tried to make it easy for the north London club by allowing them to pay for Moussa in five installments of  £6M each – but Spurs chairman Daniel Levy didn’t take up the generous offer.

Sky Sports are now reporting Tottenham have said they will not pay the asking price to Newcastle for the powerful midfielder.

rafa benitez moussa sissoko

Rafa Benitez with Moussa Sissoko

There was news that Chelsea had entered the bidding earlier today, but there seems little to back that up, with the news they are  trying to buy back David Luiz from PSG and he is now reported to be taking a medical.

Whether Chelsea will now try to sign Moussa Sissoko is not known but there’s just six hours left in the window.

It’s now reported been reported for over an hour or so that Moussa’s reps are in talks with Everton, who are not really the Champions League club Moussa had been looking for.

And Moussa’s agents can talk to Everton all they want, but unless they are willing to pay £30M for him, there will be no deal.

It seems at this stage Newcastle will not lower their price and this circus on the last day of the window with Moussa is exactly what Newcastle didn’t want.

So if nothing breaks soon it looks like Moussa could stay as a Newcastle player although a lot of fans would have liked to see the back of him – he’s been such a pain this summer.

The latest rumor is that Everton are about to put in a bid for Moussa – it will be interesting to see what it is.

Our view is hold out for the £30M and if we get it  then sell him – otherwise keep him – and he’ll have to prove himself in the Championship.

What do you think?

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