Sissoko Slammed For Disgraceful Disrespect Of Everton FC

Newcastle fans have been going on about Moussa Sissoko for over two years now, about how he has disrespected Newcastle United by always talking to the French press about moving to a bigger club who play in the Champions League.

“Well I am at Newcastle now but …..”

And it seems like he has given Everton a taste of his character last night when he was all set to become an Everton player after the Goodison club matched Newcastle’s £30M asking price for him.

But then he went missing and refused to pick up the phone when Everton manager Ronald Koeman was trying to reach him to find out where he was and what was going on.

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Moussa Sissoko
This is the first Everton knew he wasn’t signing for them

Newcastle played their part brilliantly yesterday in playing hardball with Tottenham on Moussa’s fee.

And Newcastle’s stance finally paid off when we got £30M from Tottenham for Sissoko, although it had looked like Moussa was joining the Toffees for until 45 minutes to go in the transfer deadline.

It looks like Moussa did a complete U-turn once Tottenham matched the fee of £30M Everton had agreed to pay and Moussa signed on at Tottenham instead – but didn’t even tell Everton what he was doing.

Paul Merson of Sky Sports has laid into Moussa for his unprofessional and selfish behavior last night:

“I watched him at Newcastle last year, he stayed out on the wing and didn’t do anything.” 

“When you’re that good you’ve got to be able to do something out of the ordinary to get your team out of it – that’s what top players do.”

“I wouldn’t have been putting my £30M on him.”

“He was playing in front of 50,000 Geordies, if you can’t get up for that, when are you ever going to get up for playing a football match.”

“It’s unreal he can’t even answer Ronald Koeman’s call. What’s the game coming to?”

“This man (Koeman) is a legend for what he’s done in football and he can’t even pick the phone up and say ‘I don’t really want to sign for you, sorry!'”

Everton apparently had a private jet all lined up ready to fly the French International to Liverpool for his medical and to sign the forms, but they couldn’t find out where he was.

He simply went missing as Northern Echo journalist Scott Wilson pointed out after he had signed on at Tottenham.

Not surprisingly Everton were simply livid and furious at what Moussa did last night with his cowardly and  completely unprofessional behavior.

But again it doesn’t come as a surprise to Newcastle fans – this man has no heart – and it’s one reason some Geordie fans were worried if he could pass his medical last night.


Newcastle looked golden last night the way the club handled his transfer.

Moussa Sissoko didn’t.

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