Rafa Explains How He Will Reduce Injuries At Newcastle

Rafa has been asked a number of questions after the transfer window finally closed on Wednesday evening at 11:00 pm – and he has given some thoughtful answers to those varied questions.

One of the problems we have had in the Premier League is the many injuries we pick up every season.

Because of that it’s never been possible to field our strongest side and that has affected our league position over the last few years.


Rafa Benitez at St. James’ Park

Here’s a question where he is asked about Newcastle’s injuries, which have been terrible for over a decade and we always finished top of the Premier League – at least in terms of the number of injuries we picked up each season.

Here’s the question with Rafa response.

Even in the first few games there have been injury problems like with Aarons, does this prove you’re right that strength in depth is vital?

“Absolutely we have to have strength in depth.”

“We have two games a week, every few days there is a game and we know from experience and also from research that if players are playing as many games as this they will pick up injuries.”

“The research proves that it is inevitable.” “So, we have to do a few things.”

“We have to rotate the squad. I have done this before at other clubs I have been at and it helps a lot to reduce the number of injuries.”

“That’s because you can rest players and make sure they properly recover between games.”

“Also you have to have depth to the squad in every position to make a rotation system possible but also to give us cover when injuries do happen.

“Finally we have to have the proper medical and rehabilitation processes in place to get players back from injury safely – always – but as quickly as we can.

“That’s why we made some changes to our medical team and our facilities this summer and I’m really pleased with the job they are already doing, it is all important.”

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