Rafa – Team Spirit One Reason Newcastle Were Relegated

Moussa Sissoko finally left Newcastle late on Wednesday night and Newcastle fans were little short of ecstatic he left for two good reasons.

One was that Mr. Complainer finally left the club he had continually embarrassed during the summer with his comments to the French press about wanting to join a big club.

And the second reason was that we got a terrific £30M for him.

moussa sissoko

Moussa Sissoko – finally left Newcastle  for a big club

Let’s make it clear – Moussa Sissoko is not worth £30M – although Moussa would probably disagree with that.

And just to show that Newcastle fans were right about the Frenchman all along, he disgracefully didn’t even have the decency to inform Everton he was going to sign for Tottenham.

When Everton found out he had signed for Spurs he had already gone missing and refused to take calls from Everton manager Ronald Koeman, who had a business jet waiting to fly him to Merseyside to sing for the Toffees.

Moussa may do well at Tottenham – they certainly have a very good young manager in Mauricio Pochettino – but he cannot hide out there like he did far too many times while he as a Newcastle player.

Last May we were talking about whether Townsend, Wijnaldum, Sissoko and Janmaat – our four high profile players – would stay at the club – they all left.

Rafa has been talking about the Newcastle squad and he is very insightful when he says a good team is not simply made up of a few good players.

This is what Rafa has said:

“Gini, Moussa and Daryl also wanted to play in the top division,”

“They are talented players, but our objective is very clear, and we needed every single player, like the staff and the fans, pushing in the same direction.”

“It can affect the atmosphere and the team spirit if you don’t have that.”

“Fans will know that sometimes the team spirit was not strong last season, and that was part of the problem why we got relegated.”

“A group of individuals with a lot of talent does not make a good team.”

“Our priority has been to build a strong team with good character, mentality and also talent. “Now we have a squad where every player who is here wants to work together to fight for the club.”

Well said Rafa Benitez.

At least we now know that every player at Newcastle wants to be at the club.

And the coaches, players and fans (and those flags at the Gallowgate end) will all be pulling in the same direction – to get promoted next May.

We know it will not be easy – and there will be some tough times during the season – but we can do it!

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