Alan Shearer’s Secret Of Success

It’s 20 years since Alan Shearer signed on at Newcastle from Blackburn Rovers for £15M – a world record at the time.

A year earlier Blackburn had pipped Manchester United  by one point – to be the Premier League Champions for the first and only time.

Bu in 1996 Manchester United were top again winning by 4 points from Newcastle United, who were 10 points ahead at the top of the Premier League on Boxing Day in 1995.


How times have changed with Blackburn bottom of the Championship with just one draw in their first 5 league games and Newcastle just having been relegated, but hopefully we are on our way back.

alan shearer scores

The great Alan Shearer

Shearer says he thrived wearing the tag of the world’s most expensive footballer.

Shearer has his weekly column with betting company Coral and he has been writing about the pressure of being the world’s most expensive player.

But Alan liked being that – and it’s one reason he could take the pressure and still keep scoring goals – now for his home town club Newcastle.

This is what Alan has written for Coral:

“My move from Southampton to Blackburn in 1992 was a British record at the time. Well worth the money I do add!”

“And then of course in 1996 from Blackburn to Newcastle was a world record fee for just over £15M.”

“The last thing Tim Sherwood, who was our captain at the time, said as I was leaving the changing room at Blackburn, he said to me: ‘How much was the fee that you’re going to Newcastle for?’”

“I said that it was £15M and that it was a world record transfer fee, and he looked at me and he gasped and said: ‘Jesus, good luck with all that pressure on your shoulders’.”

“I sort of enjoyed it. I thought to myself ‘No one’s worth that money’. Still no one is worth that money.”

“If someone is mad enough to pay that type of money then the pressure is on them not on me.”

“I enjoyed it. I thought it was great to live with that expectation of what was needed of me and the performances that were expected.

“I loved that ‘world record fee’ tag that came with it.”

“But £15M then and what is it now? £92M for Pogba, it’s just gone up a little bit, hasn’t it?”

“It’s crazy.”

Yes it is.

In Alan’s first season at Newcastle he scored a fantastic 25 Premier League goals in just 31 appearances so that was one of his secrets of success – he could take the pressure alright.

Alan went on to break the great Jackie Milburn’s record number of 200 in 397 appearances.

Alan finished up with a fantastic 206 goals for Newcastle in 404 appearances.

jackie milburn

The great Jackie Milburn

Both strikers averaged about one goal every two games for the club.

When  you’re good you’re good and Alan and Jackie were the very best.

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