Shelvey Laments – If You Don’t Score You’ve Had A Bad Game

Jonjo Shelvey was thought to have a good game last time out when he scored that beautiful goal direct from a free-kick against Brighton to make it 2-0 to Newcastle and our fourth win in as many games just before the International break.

But Jonjo doesn’t feel he had a particularly good game against Brighton and it was only because he scored that goal that he thinks he got all the accolades.

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Jonjo Shelvey – after scoring against Brighton

This is what the former Swansea midfielder has said today:

“In terms of the game against Brighton, I played further forward, but I didn’t think I managed to get involved too much,”

“But if you score a goal, you get all the praise under the sun.”

“I actually felt I performed better in the other two games (at home to Huddersfield Town and Reading), but I didn’t get the credit for those games because that’s what football is like nowadays.”

“If you don’t score a goal, people think you had a bad game. But if you do score, you get the praise. That’s what football has come to now.”

“But it’s nice playing further forward, and I do prefer playing forward because you can express yourself more and get into the box, and things like that.”

In our Man of the Match polls after the game the goalscorers always do well.

And Jonjo was our Man of the Match for the Brighton game with 30% of the vote – so he’s right – when you score people tend to think you have had a good game.

We don’t expect Jonjo to start at Derby tomorrow or even at QPR on Tuesday night, since his starts could be reserved for the home games, but we shall see – he will play in at least one of the two games at some point.

They are two tough games coming up for us of course and two wins would be unbelievable.

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