Kevin Keegan Critical Of Newcastle

It was good to see Kevin Keegan at the unveiling of Alan Shearer’s statue yesterday and he was with Terry McDermott as they were photographed talking to Shearer.

It was a great day for Alan Shearer and a great day for Newcastle United to immortalize one of the greatest players ever to play for Newcastle United.


Keegan, Shearer and McDermott yesterday

But after the ceremony Kevin was just a little bit critical of the club and he claimed Newcastle do not always act like a big club.

This is what Kevin said:

“It is a big club, it just sometimes doesn’t act like one. That’s happened with a lot of clubs, not just Newcastle.”

“You could say the same about loads of clubs.”

“I don’t have anything to do with inside there now, but you’ll never lose what these people feel about this football club.”

“They might not like certain things at certain times, but they’ll still be there, they’ll always be there.”

“They’ll always surprise you like they did when Alan signed — 15,000 people turned up.”

There is still bad blood between Kevin and the owner Mike Ashley for what happened back in 2008, when Kevin resigned from Newcastle and Alan Shearer didn’t get on too well with Ashley either, when he became the  manager.

So it’s true the club has not always acted appropriately but a lot – an awful lot – has changed since a certain Rafa Benitez took over all football matters at the club in May.

Rafa has hardly put a foot wrong as he has not only transformed the squad, but he is also busy transforming the club and improving the facilities.

We are now starting to act like a big club – a proud club.

It all starts on the pitch and we have started to win some games which is the most important thing.

There’s nothing like winning games to lift the spirits of Newcastle fans everywhere.

Hopefully we will get back to the Premier League next May and with Rafa Benitez as the spokesman and figurehead of Newcastle United, we should do very well indeed.

That’s as long as Rafa is at Newcastle United  and owner Mike Ashley continues to keep a low profile.

Howay the Lads!!

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