Benitez – I Want To Stay At Newcastle For Six Years

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Newcastle had more than 3,000 fans at Loftus Road on Tuesday night – and that just shows the passion of the Newcastle United support – a support which is legendary.

Over the last few years that support has been for what has been a very poor side on the pitch, but Rafa Benitez seems to be quickly changing all that and he seems to think like a Newcastle fan too.

Rafa wants what the fans want – a good team that wins games and plays good attacking football; he also wants to win trophies at Newcastle – that’s one of the reasons he agreed to stay on Tyneside on May 25th.

Newcastle United v Reading - Sky Bet Championship - St James' Park

Rafa Benitez – wants to stay at Newcastle for at least six years

Rafa is on a three year deal at about £4.5M a year and while it’s too early right now to do anything – we would hope if Newcastle do get promoted in May – the club would negotiate a new deal with Rafa to get him to stay on Tyneside for a long time.

This man is perfect for the club and he has quickly gained enormous respect from all those associated with the club and certainly he seems to want to stay and win trophies for Newcastle United Football club.

This is what Rafa said when asked about the fantastic support he and the team continue to get from the ever faithful Geordie fans:

“When I just arrived at Liverpool we played in the final of the League Cup and had just won the Champions League in the same year.”

“After we won the FA Cup and reached the European Cup final, so I always got very good support from Liverpool fans and I was always very pleased with them.”

“I have said before that the Geordies and the Scousers are very similar.” “I was really pleased there and I am really pleased here.”

“Hopefully I can stay here for as many years here as I was there.” “Winning something here – that would be perfect for everyone.”

“We had our game, I had to prepare the game properly, and then I was with the family and just enjoying 0-6, so I didn’t need to watch any games.”

“I started working in the Academy at Real Madrid and after I was working in League One or as a coach, I was working in the second division, so it’s not that I was always in the Champions League.”

“I’m really pleased and really proud to have more than 150 games at European level, but still I like to coach, I like to train my team, to improve players and to win.”

“Football has changed a little bit, what it means to the media, what it means to the fans.”

“But for me in terms of your job, it’s just enjoying what you have to do and what normally you have done all your life.”

Spoken like a man who was born to coach.

Rafa was at Liverpool from 2004 through 2010 – six years – so if he stays at Newcastle for six years he would be on Tyneside until 2022.

And negotiating a new deal with Rafa shouldn’t be too difficult this time around.

He would continue to have total control of all football matters and maybe he gets a wage increase and a long term (six year?) deal at the end of the season?

He seems to work very well and see eye to eye with Lee Charnley and they have already formed a successful working relationship for the good of the club – as witnessed by everything that happened this summer.

Rafa may want the club to agree to various improvements in return to staying long term – like improvements at the training ground and maybe even a possible expansion of St. James’ Park to 60,0000 capacity.

The team he can create on Tyneside will be able to fill the stadium if we do manage to somehow expand the St. James’ Park capacity by 8,000.

Rafa is not motivated by money – he is a rich man and has been well rewarded for the fantastic skills he’s been blessed with.

He is however motivated by achievement and he wants to win things.

Rafa will have that opportunity at one of the most famous clubs in England – a club who have massively underperformed for far too long and have not won a trophy in 47 years.

We cannot get too far ahead of ourselves this season of course, but owner Mike Ashley should already be thinking of signing Rafa up for a long term deal to keep him at the club at the end of what we hope will be a very successful season.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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