Rafa On Why It’s Difficult To Always Play Like We Did At QPR

Today’s game at home to Wolves will not be as easy as it may look on paper.

We are coming off one of our biggest road wins in our history – a 6-0 rout of QPR and Wolves are coming off a 4-0 home defeat to Barnsley.

So the conventional wisdom is that we should win this game rather easily, but Rafa Benitez has gone out of his way since Tuesday night to stress to his players that no game is ever easy.


Rafa Benitez at QPR on Tuesday night

If our lads go into any game this season thinking it will be an easy game, that’s a game we will probably lose.

So that’s one reason Rafa has been saying we have to respect every single opponent this season and at the start of any game we are no better than  the opposing team; we always have to prove we are better during the game.

Rafa is also laying down a challenge to his players to be professional and mature today:

“If we can do well against Wolves, everyone will say: ‘They are mature, they are ready, blah, blah, blah’.” “If we cannot do it, people will say: ‘Ah, still they have some way to go.’”

“But it is not easy to play at the level that we played the other day, to score six goals away and then afterwards do everything perfectly, because it depends on the other team.”

“If they were coming with the mentality that they are playing against a top side after our result, then even more so we need to concentrate.”

“They will work harder just in case they concede goals.” “In football, so many things can change the result that we have to wait and see what happens.”

“The players know the message, my staff have been working hard on that but it depends on what happens against Wolves.”

“I prefer this problem to be fair.”

Newcastle fans think we should win this game.

Let’s hope they are right!

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