Why Newcastle Need A Good Cup Run

Over the last few years Newcastle have played their reserve team and given opportunities to the youngsters in the EFL Cup (League Cup) since the priority for money hungry Newcastle was the Premier League, simply  because that’s where all the money is.

After all the priority at Newcastle was to have  a good bank account and not particularly a good team.


Rafa Benitez – will field a strong side on Tuesday night

Teams can get to the final of the League Cup and the FA Cup and go on big runs but earn very little money when compared to the vast amounts of money being given out in the Premier League these days.

Remember each PL team gets between £100M to £180M a year for the next three years depending largely on how they perform in the league.

Getting away from money for a moment, there is of course the prestige and honor of winning something – and that’s certainly very important for any club.

The cups are also a way into Europe.

Newcastle have also had a small squad since Mile Ashley took over, so we were not really equipped to go on long cup runs  and we obliged by being beaten after one or two rounds in both cup competitions.

It’s all different now that we have a large squad under Rafa Benitez and in fact it’s a good opportunity to give some of our good players a game.

Rafa has essentially got two top players fighting it out for the starting position for every single position in the team, so it’s not like we cannot field a good side in the cups this season.

If we do get a good cup run it should also help with the confidence of the side and who knows, if we are bold enough these days to think we can win something then maybe we will.

What a concept!

We’ve won nothing since 1969, but if you don’t believe you can win something you wont.

Yes we need to get promoted this season and that is the top priority, but we have a lot of good players who will not get many games if we don’t have a couple of good cup runs this season.

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