Fans’ Previous Anxieties Carrying Over To This Season

The nerves of Newcastle fans are still raw from what happened last season in the Premier League and for that matter what has happened over the last four years of incompetent senior management at the club, which has finally ended up getting us relegated last May.

So when we do play badly this season and get a terrible result, as we all witnessed on Saturday, there tends to be an over-reaction – just like there was an over-reaction to the 6-0 win at QPR last Tuesday night.


Rafa Benitez – working hard to put a good team together

Newcastle fans want a great side again under Rafa Benitez and maybe we are not patient enough and that’s based on past experience at the club – frustrating past experience at the club.

We are not a great side today, but we are a decent side and hopefully one that will get better from learning from the mistakes made in games like last Saturday.

The side is also a lot younger than last season, as Rafa finally came in and had the courage and foresight to clear away the dead wood in one single transfer window – and there was a lot of it.

The positive thing is we do have a top manager in Rafa at the club, but even the 56 year-old needs time to get the players becoming more professional and it’s also a brand new team he’s put together in the summer.

Rafa’s already been working on their winning mentality of the lads and that has gone quite well as witnessed by six wins on the trot.

We are no longer wimps away from home with three road wins on the trot.

But it was also a bad defeat on Saturday, but we have to put these things in some perspective and success never comes easily – there are always bumps along the way.

We are hoping this is just a blip in the overall scheme of things, but the loss also focuses on just how well we have done over the last six games and there were some good performances in there.

What the lads need to do now is listen closely to Rafa and learn from Saturday’s mistakes and then put in a good professional performance tomorrow night against Wolves and hopefully get the win and move into the 4th round of the EFL Cup.

If we can do that then things should feel a whole lot better.

Then we have two huge league games coming up against Aston Villa and Norwich.

And who knows we could even win both of those.

Bottom line is we all need to get used to bumps along the way even when things are going well and it will happen again a few times this season – even if we do great.

They are just so hard to take!


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