Newcastle Star – We Must Keep Our Feet On The Ground

Matt Ritchie thinks Newcastle have done well in our last eight games when we have won seven and lost just one, but of course it was a bit of a shock when we lost the first two games fo the season.

But Rafa Benitez has managed the squad superbly so far this season and he is extremely good at giving the players confidence so they can go out and play near their best form.


Matt Ritchie – must keep our feet on the ground

Matt Ritchie has been interviewed on nufcTV and this is some of what the former Bournemouth winger has said:

“Come on, that’s seven games out of eight that we’ve won,”

“Don’t get me wrong, we need to keep our feet on the floor and we need to keep striving to win games, get better and improve, but we’re not going to win every game in this league.”

“There’s going to be games like last Saturday when we do slip up.”

“At the start of the season, when we lost two on the bounce and everyone was panicking a little bit, I think it could have been a blessing.”

“Sometimes it’s a little kick up the bum, gives everyone that little shake-up that they need and I think Tuesday night showed that.”

“We were compact, we worked hard from the front and hopefully that can get the bit back between our teeth.”

“We’ve got a very tough game on Saturday because Villa are a good side. I know they’re not flying yet but they’ve got a good squad and some very good, talented players.”

“I’m sure they’ll be similar to us; in the first couple of games, we didn’t quite click but now everyone’s on the same page and I think Villa will be the same so they have to respected.”

“I’m really looking forward to the game (same here) because it’ll be a good one.”

“It’s a game that all the players will look forward to, all the fans will look forward to and as I say, they’re a good side.”

“I’m sure that come the end of the season, they’ll be up there fighting for promotion so it’s a big game.”

It’s been a bit of a boasting match between the two sets of fans this week as to which club is bigger (whatever that really means) and which squad is better and all that good stuff.

It really doesn’t matter – what we need to do today is simply win the game.

That does matter.

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