Benitez Confident – If Players Keep Doing This

We’ve often said that Rafa Benitez doesn’t mess around and certainly doesn’t play mind games with anybody – he is very straight forward.

He respects every team that his team plays and he respects their manager and Rafa makes it clear to his players that it will not be an easy game, but that he wants to win.

That goes for every game and he keeps saying the next game is the most important.


Rafa Benitez – Newcastle manager

That’s a cliche these days because lots of managers say that, but it is the simple and very effective way in which Rafa really does approach his coaching.

He also learns from the previous game.

Benitez points out to the players what they did wrong and where they can improve and then they concentrate fully on the match plan and preparing for the next game.

It’s simple yes – but very effective when done correctly – and he doesn’t look at any one game and think it’s more important than any other.

A win is 3 points.

Every game is important to Rafa Benitez and he wants to win it.

This is how he explained things after the 1-1 draw at Villa on Saturday:

“We deserved to win after our first half. We couldn’t.” “After we say to control Aston Villa away is a good result? Maybe for a lot of teams, yes.”

“For us after that first half, no.” “In the end it’s what you have.” “You just have to be sure that everybody will be working hard for the next game.”

“I am not thinking this way (Norwich is must not lose game).” “I am thinking about the next game and three points.”

“I don’t see the table before the game and think: ‘Oh we have to do this.’” “Just like this game. Try to get three points and see where we are after.”

“We knew that it would be difficult,” “We cannot control what other people say.”

“We know and we can see the games and the opponents and we know this is a strong competition and very difficult.”

“We have the same feeling. I have the same feeling that we can be there.” “We have to keep working hard.”

“Some games like this we will win. We have to continue working because you will lose some games you do not expect.”

“I am confident that we will be there. We have to keep working as hard as we are working every day.”

Rafa says four times there that the players must keep working hard and that’s one thing he insists on each and every day if the team is to be successful.

The challenge now is to beat Norwich City on Wednesday night at St. James’ Park with every other Championship game taking place on Tuesday night.

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  • Budge123

    Sep 26, 2016 at 7:47 AM

    Comment #1

    One fine day – you’re not a fan then!(previous thread )
    I agree he needs to start delivering against his potential but that is going to be hard under current rotation policy.
    Goalscorers play on confidence and runs of form more than other players. Constant changing is probably more damaging to them than other positions.

    I think the current rotations are costing us points that we can ill afford to drop.

    Would also like to see us play with 2 up top at home at least.


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