England Manager Sam Allardyce In Hot Water

The Telegraph mounted a sting operation against Sam Allardyce the England manager, that now could end his tenure in the job he has craved for so many years.

The paper is reporting today that Allardyce used his position as England manager to negotiate a £400K deal with who turned out to be fictitious business men in the Telegraph sting.

It’s the big news in football on this Tuesday morning.


Sam Allardyce may not be smiling for long

The Telegraph has worked for 10 months on this hoax to reveal that there is widespread corruption in British Football especially around the Premier League.

This purported deal was supposed to be with a Far East firm wanting to profit from the Premier League’s billion-pound transfer market and being third parties in the ownership of players.

Sam traveled to Singapore and Hong Kong as an ambassador and explained how the (fictitious) firm could circumvent the existing FA rules.

Those FA rules prohibit third parties “owning” players as is done in some other parts of the football world.

Sam also made these other comments and is on video saying them:

  • Criticised Roy Hodgson, saying “Woy” (Roy has a small speech impediment) and mentioning he “hasn’t got the personality” for public speaking
  • England’s players were underperforming because they had a “psychological barrier” and “can’t cope”
  • Suggested players who were not being played for their club should not be picked for England
  • Described the FA decision to redevelop Wembley as being “stupid” and a complete waste of money.

Wherever there is huge money available, as in the Premier League these days with the huge new three year deal, it will attract corruption.

So Sam could be out of his England job fairly quickly if the FA decide to act on the Telegraph report and fire him in the next few days.

It’s a job he’s been after for years.

He could even return at some point to Sunderland so it could even be good news for Sunderland supporters.