Jamaal Lascelles Again Demonstrates Great Leadership

22 year-old Newcastle captain Jamaal Lascelles has today come out and defended Matz Sels who came under severe criticism after we dropped 2 points late in the game at Villa Park on Saturday.

Jamaal has demonstrated why Rafa gave the young defender the captaincy of such a massive club, even though it’s a huge responsibility for one so young and still fairly inexperienced.


Jamaal Lascelles in action for Newcastle

This is what Jamaal has said in the ChronicleLive:

“Goalkeepers are like defenders, whenever we make a mistake it gets blown up out or proportion. Much more than when a striker misses a chance.”

“Nobody was to blame, he’s kept clean sheets this season and has been excellent. He wasn’t at fault for the goal as there were a build-up of mistakes before that.”

“Nobody is on his back and we will take it as a team. Whenever a goal is conceded we won’t point fingers at individuals.”

“We will look at it as a team and look at it collectively and how we could have stopped it even getting to that position.”

“When playing in these shirts we ask high standards of each other, as players we want to do well as much as the fans.”

“The minute the opposition score,  people may be on our backs. The fans will stick with us and we won’t point fingers.”

“We will deal with it as a team and correct it in training.”

It takes real courage to be a leader and we are so impressed with Jamaal and those comments are almost perfect – given the situation going on currently with Matz.

The players seem to have real team spirit and we certainly have a really good captain of the club in Jamaal Lascelles.

We’re proud of him.