Rafa Benitez Takes Aim At Social Media

We are not big believers in social media because it seems to give people a chance to bring out the worst in themselves by posting ridiculous and vicious comments on the Internet.

A big reason for that is they can essentially remain anonymous if they so wish.

And it’s much easier and less of a risk when you are able to say vicious things when you are anonymous.

I keep wondering where the civility of people  has gone these days – but there again I’m old-fashioned.


Rafa Benitez – talks about today’s social media

A few years ago we had to work with the Northumbria police from over here in the US because of a vicious racial comment that was put on the blog and we gave the police the IP address of the perpetrator and it eventually led to an arrest.

On Twitter as an example we see people attacking other people every day – and it’s generally those people that either criticize them or they simply don’t like .

That’s one opportunity Twitter has provided to people.

Rafa Benitez addressed social media yesterday after our goalkeeper Matz Sels had been ruthlessly and unfairly attacked by some Newcastle fans because of his hesitancy in coming out for the corner that led to the equalizing goal at Villa Park on Saturday.

This is some of what Rafa Benitez said about social media yesterday – it certainly doesn’t make you a better player.

“Every year we talk with the players about referees, big decisions and about social media and advise how to manage it.”

“It is part of life now. Snapchat, Instagram, on the phone. The best way sometimes  is to forget about it.”

“Some players have a name and an image, that is fine. Sometimes it is best to forget about social media and concentrate on your job.”

“You don’t improve on the pitch the more followers you have.”

Well said Rafa.

But there again I am of a different era than the social media – more like the Victorian era.


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