Aleksandar Mitrovic Explains Why He Attacked Dwight Gayle

It’s not the first time that Aleksandar Mitrovic has been – let’s say aggressive – when a player has just scored a goal for Newcastle.

But the Serbian striker’s celebrations in the final seconds of the game last Wednesday night against Norwich City after Dwight Gayle had scored that sensational winner were – well – over the top.

He wrestled Dwight to the ground after his attempt to strangle him had been unsuccessful.



Aleksandar Mitrovic trying to strangle Dwight Gayle
And Gayle had just scored winner against Norwich!

We were 3-2 behind going into the six minutes of stoppage time and then Yoan Gouffran scored after 95 minutes and in less than a minute Dwight Gayle got the winner out of nothing in the final seconds of the game and that’s when the assault took place.

Aleksandar is with the Serbian squad and he was asked by the Serbian press if his emotions had got the better of him:

“I put it down to my emotions and adrenaline because we got goals in the 94th and 96th minute,” Mitrovic told the Serbian press.

“I just went to grab someone and ended up doing that. I’m just like that. I was overjoyed, and Gayle was not angry.”

And then we mustn’t forget as Rafa Benitez walked onto the field after the game to congratulate his players on what was a huge and sensational win for us, Mitro hoisted his manager into the air – as shown below.


We were just so pleased that Mitro didn’t then slam Rafa to the ground as he had done with Gayle a minute or so before.


We are worried that Mitro will injure some of our players with his celebrations, so maybe he counts to 10 after a Newcastle player has scored a goal for Newcastle?

But then still molests them?

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