Benitez Gives Insight Into His Surprising Management Style

We have been delighted at the respect Rafa Benitez shows the opposition teams and manager and it bodes very well for Newcastle United as a football club.

This is man who has won three European titles (so far) in his career and a person with an enormous ego would think it beneath him to go to grounds like the New York Stadium.

Rotherham’s ground turned out to be an excellent stadium which was packed to the rafters for our game.


Rafa Benitez gives secret sign
I want Newcastle to be number one 

But not Rafa Benitez who always talks well of the opposition – he gives respect and dignity to the opposition.

I bring this up because when you see what’s happening on Twitter accounts and the like (and even in this year’s Presidential election), respect and civility seems to have gone down the drain.

Of course if Rafa had a huge ego then he wouldn’t have agreed to stay on at Newcastle and manage a second division club – something that surprised Alan Shearer.

But Rafa has talked a little bit of his management style today and he seems to treat everybody with due respect and asks for their input.

Here’s some of what he has said in the Chronicle today:

“I think everybody is more or less happy, but at the same time, they can give their opinions.”

“It is not just the head of the departments that I am speaking to – I am asking for opinions all the time.”

“Then you take everything on board, and decide which way you want to go.

“If we are winning, doing things properly, and treating people with respect, then things will be going well.”

Rafa has often been portrayed in the media as little more than a control freak.

We remember earlier this season when he was talking about how he and Lee Charnley make decisions and he was adamant it was not a case of my way or the highway.

We have to admit we had a completely different view of Rafa Benitez before he arrived at Newcastle in March – which was a huge shock in itself.

He is very good with his players who seem to love him and he seems very good with the heads of department too.

We had heard he was a good businessman before he ever arrived on Tyneside and he’s showing that he manages in an all-inclusive way.

Rafa has even asked fans to always support the team – even when the results are not good and things may not be going our way – which happens.

Rafa seems to have everybody associated with Newcastle United right behind the team and the club – we are all united.

That must bode well for the future and is one reason fans are so upbeat about the future of Newcastle right now.


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