Lascelles Explains Why Newcastle Players Are So Grateful

Lat time out at Rotherham our captain Jamaal Lascelles put in a terrific performance at the back as we came under pressure a number of times from bottom of the table Rotherham – who on the day looked a much better side than the one propping up the Championship.

Lascelles has had plenty of experiences playing in the Championship with his former club Nottingham Forest where he played 59 game sin England’s second division.


Jamaal Lascelles – very good leader at just 22

Jamaal has talked today in the Chronicle about the league and how we can take nothing for granted:

“I respect this league massively and I was telling the boys before the Rotherham game we can’t get complacent.”

“We had to prepare for Rotherham the same way we do for Norwich and Villa and all the big teams.” 

“In the Championship it is all about whoever turns up on the day.”

“Thankfully, we have been turning up.” “We have to keep it that way and not let things slip.”

“It’s always nice to have momentum and keep things going.” “But a little break won’t do us any harm.”

“We have been able to rest our heads and get back at it.” “We are all working hard for each other and the fans are travelling all around the country for us.”

“So we have to show our respect at the end.” “We have to say thank you at the end whether we win, lose or draw.”

“Credit to the fans – they have stuck with us the whole way and we are grateful for it.”

Certainly there is a bond building between the players and the fans and that can be seen at the of the games as they all celebrate together.

That tough win at Rotherham was particularly good in that our players played their hearts out for the 3 points.

We have many players currently out on International duty and they will be returning in the middle of the week and later and as usual, there will not be a lot of time to prepare for the home game against Brentford on Saturday.

We have six games in the next 22 days starting on Saturday and it would be very nice if we can win all of them – that has to be the level of ambition from Newcastle this season and beyond.

And we’re sure that Rafa is thinking about how to get six successive wins in the next batch of games.

He’s starting by working out the game plan for Brentford and how we can win that first game – first things first.

Howay The Lads!!

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