Newcastle Player Arrested in Local Nightclub

The Sun is reporting today that Newcastle’s Rolando Aarons was one of nine people arrested at 3am on Sunday morning in a local nightclub.

They are reporting that Rolando became angry when he saw a group of men dancing with his aunt in the Livello nightclub in the city center.

rolando aarons portland

Rolando Aarons in action for Newcastle

Rolando was said to be in the VIP section of the nightclub and is said to have gone ‘berserk’ at the group the way they were dancing with his aunt.

This is what one source told the Sun:

“It took five bouncers to control his auntie, who also got involved. It was bedlam.”

This is what another source said:

“It was all treated as a joke and Rolando laughed it off.”

“When they started to film it, Rolando’s mood changed and he took great offence.”

“He told them to stop. His view was that they’d had their fun and it was going too far.” “They were throwing tables and bottles of champagne.”

“There was blood everywhere by the end.”

As usual there are various accounts of what really happened.

But it’s something that Rafa Benitez will look into quickly and try to ascertain what exactly happened and take any appropriate action he deems necessary.

On the football side of things, Rolando is recovering from a broken foot and recently had the cast removed.