Newcastle Wounded Warrior Gives Positive Update

Good news from goalkeeper Rob Elliot today that he thinks his return is only weeks away rather than months.

But with such a serious injury, Rob cannot push it too much and the medical team will make sure that he doesn’t do too much too soon.

The last thing we want is a relapse and when fully fit,  Rob is likely to be the Newcastle number one again – especially if he plays like he did last season when he was our Player of the Season and simply brilliant.

rob elliot knee slovakia

Rob Elliot – suffering the injured in late March in Dublin

Rob damaged his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee playing for Ireland at the end of March and that’s one of the worst injuries you can get – and it often ended players’ careers in the past.

Brian Clough is one well-known player who had to retire after he initially picked up the injury when he was just 27 and had to retire when he was 29.

Ron has given an update today in the Chronicle on his injury and how near he is to playing again:

“Hopefully it will be the next few weeks.”

“It’s now weeks rather than months – and that feels great to say.” “I just have to see what happens, but I am looking forward to being back in the routine with the lads every day.”

“That’s the main thing.” “It’s going really well and I am training with Simon Smith three times a week.”

“I’m still on my own and not with the lads just yet, but there’s progression because I need to be doing more than what the lads would be doing day-to-day.”

“It’s all positive and I feel strong.” “This is also a bit of a journey into the unknown because I have not had this injury.”

“Touch wood everything has been going great for me.”

“It’s a case of keeping going with the work and making sure when I come back I am ready to come back I’m not rushing it and not doing anything silly.”

“As you get older you have to use your experience.” “I could probably come back and play today, but that would be a massive risk and it’s just not worth it.”

“You have to be really sensible, work hard and listen carefully to what people tell you and go from there.”

“The usual steps are you might play a game in the reserves and get back in the lads.” “But if I am ready to play, I’m ready to play, whether it’s in the reserves or not.”

“It’s unknown territory for me really as I have never had a serious injury or serious operation before.”

“Touch wood I want to get back training with the lads as quickly as possible.” “Then that’s when it gets handed over to the coaches and the manager.”

“They can then see you in a session and decide whether you need a game or reserve game.”

“With the standard of players we have now, sometimes training is as intense or even more intense as a game.”

“When you train with the size of the squad we have and you are doing that day in, day out, it sometimes gets you up to speed.”

“In all honesty, I’d have to hold my hands up and see what happens.”

“I am sure there will be reserve games penciled in, but when and how is down to the people who make the decisions on the medical and playing side.”

“Sometimes you have to trust what they say or see.” “You may feel good but they may look at you and feel you need a little bit longer.”

“Or you might not feel too confident but the coaches say you look great – go on.”

Good update from Rob there.

It’s not just because Rob is such a good goalkeeper that we want him back soon, but he’s also a strong voice in the dressing room, on the training field and during games.

Rob became one of the leaders at Newcastle last season and is an important player to the team.

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