Football Legend’s Confusing Comment On Rafa Benitez

Diego Maradona has given a long interview in the Madrid newspaper Marca today, and he talks about a number of different subjects – including former Real Madrid manager Rafa Benitez and his move to a famous club in England called Newcastle United.

Rafa managed Napoli for two years from 2013 and of course Maradona spent seven years there from 1984 (206 appearances, 85 goals and 15 assists) during his playing career, so he will have followed Rafa’s time there with interest and Benitez did well in Italy.

But this is what Diego has said about Rafa’s move to Newcastle United, which he seems to question after Rafa seemed to fail badly at his home town club Real Madrid.

“If Benitez, whom I respect very much, was bad in Madrid, let him tell me it was for a lack of players!” “No, he failed.”

“But after a while, after failing there, they gave him three years in Newcastle.”

“Can someone explain it to me? Is that normal or does something go wrong?”

Of course not many top managers would have taken the Newcastle job in the summer, since we are now a second division side, but Rafa showed his loyalty by staying on for three years.

And the fans are hoping that he can get us straight back to the Premier League and then agree to stay at Newcastle for a lot longer than just three years.

What do you think?

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