Rafa Asks For Shearer’s Advice – How Are We Doing?

It was obvious as soon as Rafa Benitez arrived on Tyneside that he had great respect for Alan Shearer – who is a Newcastle legend in the true sense of the word.

And Rafa admitted that before he took the job at Newcastle he had talked to Alan about the club and we’re pretty sure he took Alan’s advice before he signed on the dotted line on May 25th to stay at the club for three full years, even though at the time Alan seemed convinced he wouldn’t do that.


Alan Shearer and his statue at St. James’ Park

And Shearer revealed that he had coffee last week with Rafa and they discussed various things and we wondered whether Rafa wanted Alan back at Newcastle in some official capacity.

And we said at the time that if Rafa did want to appoint Alan to some new job at the club, we’re pretty sure owner Mike Ashley would not object to that – he’s not that daft.

The Newcastle journalists have asked Rafa if there is a potential job for Alan at the club and this is how the manager responded:

“Everyone knows Alan Shearer is a legend and that is it.”

“We will leave the possibility of a job there and we will have plenty of time to talk about it in the future.”

“Alan Shearer is a legend here, a fantastic player and a top expert and pundit – but it is time to concentrate on the games for us and that is it.”

“I spent some time with him and asked him for some advice because he has experience.” “He knows the fans, the club, the city  – everything.”

“It was more asking him advice – ‘please tell me if we’ve made any mistakes’.”

“He was fine and he said it is going well so far. He said we are doing well and going in the right direction and he’s happy to see the club going in the right direction.”

“He was supportive and he was happy with the way things are going on.”

Alan Shearer would want to keep his job at the BBC where he is the chief pundit for Match of the Day, so if Rafa wanted Alan to be part of the club again, it would be a discussion with Alan on what that could be – they could create a unique position for Alan.

It would need to be something more substantial than just an Ambassador, but it’s intriguing as to what it could turn out to be – if it happens.

Certainly having Alan Shearer part of the club again is what the fans want to see – it would be a win-win-win for Rafa, the club and hopefully for Alan too.

Maybe something will happen in the summer?

What do you think?

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