This Is How Rafa Emphasizes The Team To His Players

We’ve just watched Rafa’s press conference and he is intent on simply concentrating on each game, not worrying too much about the league position and just trying to win each game by having the players having the right mentality and concentrating and focusing for 90 minutes throughout each game.

Rafa didn’t want to concentrate on individual players, but he said that any player  doing well is doing well because of what the team is doing for him.

That’s quite a positive way to look at things and how everything is focused towards the team.

rafa benitez training 987

Rafa Benitez in training

So Rafa demonstrated during his press conference how he gets it through to every player that the team is the important thing and not any one player.

This is some of what he has said today to the local press:

“I think that for me, it’s not good to praise just the defenders, or the two center-backs. I think that the team is defending well.”

“You start defending with Dwight Gayle, and you start attacking with Darlow or Sels,”

“I think it’s important for us to understand that the team has to work as a team in attack and defense, and if we don’t concede it’s not because the keeper or the two centre backs – it’s because the team has been working hard.”

“If we score goals and Dwight is at the top of the goalscoring table, it’s because the team has created chances and he has taken the chances.”

“If you don’t concede, everybody has more confidence, but if you have someone at the other end who can score anytime, or any chance you put there he can score, then the team play with more confidence, for sure.”

Ipswich are a good side and it will not be easy for our lads tomorrow – but if we play as a team, which is what Rafa demands – we could make it five wins in a row.

That’s the target for tomorrow.

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