Mitrovic To Be Back Soon For Newcastle

Captain Jamaal Lascelles has said he thinks Aleksandar Mitrovic, whom he calls a tough guy, will be back sooner than we think from the bad gash on his knee he suffered on Saturday.

In fact there was news yesterday he could resume light training as soon as in 10 days time and then we suppose when he does play he will wear some protective cover on the knee for a few games – just in case.

Mitro himself was saying he thought it would be three  to four weeks before he could return, but that may have been when he was able to play again in the first team.

Aleksandar Mitrovic – in distress on Saturday

This is what Jamaal has said today about the tough guy we have in the Newcastle side:

“Mitro’s a tough guy and he’ll recover from it.” “There are no bones broken. It’s just a cut on the knee.”

“He’s a tough guy. He’ll be back in no time.” “I didn’t see it.”  “I just saw the cut on his leg, which was quite deep.”

“Because he was throwing his body around there, he got us a goal.” “Fair play to him, he’ll be back sooner than we think.”

When the injury happened the Newcastle fans thought it could even be a season ending knee injury and that the knee ligaments could have been damaged.


So Mitro is a lucky boy and it was simply great news that it was only a bad gash although the photo of the gashes on his knee looked gruesome.

It was good news for Mitro and good news for Newcastle and we are really pleased for the 22 year-old.

He’s simply a great character to have in the Newcastle squad.

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Personal Note – I had a similar injury when I was a teenager playing in goal and got caught by the studs of a player and it opened up a five inch gash right across the knee and there was mud and grass in it and I had to have a tetanas shot etc.

It took quite a few stiches and as I recall I was back playing in a few weeks once the thing had healed – there was no other damage to the knee – but the scar is still there.

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  • cyprus

    Jan 10, 2017 at 8:13 AM

    Comment #1

    I guess Ed has stirred so I won’t be chasing his posts. Only this repost. Good morning all:

    And imagine if -when?- this European superleague is created, with ‘permanent’ big players (something like the security council!) and temporary invitees who’ll surprisingly win something, the Leicesters, if you will.

    That’s when these cups will become truly lower tier affairs.


    January 10, 2017
    I must admit I agree with him and other coaches/management at this and other clubs. Job no1 is the PL.

    It’s a shame, especially for the oldest cup in the world, to have been demoted, but money, TV, European competitions, the major clubs, have decided it’s longer term future: somewhere next to the cup winners cup cupboard…

  • Steak and Kidney Pie

    Jan 10, 2017 at 8:14 AM

    Comment #2

    Ed, man of iron and action.


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