Newcastle 1 Fulham 3 – Video Highlights

Here’s the highlights of the game yesterday as Newcastle had a very bad day at the office and were easily beaten 3-1 by Fulham and they do the double on us.

It was our 8th defeat of the season in the league and our 5th defeat at home.

It’s not good enough at this stage of the season.

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  • Charlie in the Gallowgate

    Mar 12, 2017 at 7:54 AM

    Comment #1

    just got in
    FULHAM – Absolute JOY to watch totally outplayed the one trick ponies
    FULHAM – not one of the TOON players would get in that FULHAM team that turned up today.

    From the goalkeeper out showed us how to play football – keeper at every opportunity pass to fullbacks who came short and wide built from the back made it look simple pass and FU**IN move not like our static prima donnas.

    All look comfortable on the ball not like us.

    Sorry RAFA if I have not said it once I have said a hundred times – Pissed off with your one-trick pony tactics at home – one up front.

    If you play one up front against Burton and Wigan then time to go.

    WHY oh why play one up front at home then lump the ball over the top.

    FULHAM defence could of taken a holiday today one pathetic header on target first hour.

    Merit marks if worth it

    Darlow 5 no chance with goals but distribution SHIT
    Dummett -1 taken to the cleaners
    Lascalles – 1 clueless at home when he has time on the ball
    Clark – 3 best of defenders
    Anita -1 hopeless
    Shelvey – 2 shit – radar off today got frustrated lucky to stay on pitch
    Colback – 1 for putting on the shirt
    Ritchie – 2 crap – way short of recent games
    Atsu – 5 best defender for the TOON – sums us up today when he did more defending the attacking – suppose to be a speedy winger
    Diame – 2 Soft as shite looked like a poor Shola today
    Gayle – 2 does not look fit chased to many over hit balls
    Murphy – 6 scored a good goal and WHY OH WHY was he dropped
    Goufran – 3 did ok – unlucky on chance which did not look offside
    Gamez – 2 did ok

    RAFA 3 – shit line up – shit tactics at home

    FULHAM – best team I have seen this season – hope we do not play them in the play-offs.

    cos we are not automatically going up – opposition have got ‘the one trick ponies sussed’

    COOLED down a bit this morning – a bit
    Just add a couple of things

    The first time I think I have ever seen SJP in the last 5 -10 minutes with over half the fans having left the ground. Me and my son were the only ones left in our row – sums the performance up

    The trouble is I could have said the same comments for at least 10 home games this season.

    Maybe my frustrations last night got to me with my RAFA comments to go if he plays the same system up front against Burton and Wigan – NOT?that I want him to go as he has been a breath of fresh air at the club – but surely he has got to change it – many of the fans around me are getting mighty frustrated at one up front and sideways/hoof football

  • posada

    Mar 12, 2017 at 8:01 AM

    Comment #2

    Putting two up front won’t change everything that was wrong with that team yesterday.
    We can’t put 3 or 4 passes together.
    We can’t press as a team to regain possession.
    Our midfield two are slow and don’t seem to get close to the opposition.
    Looked again at the goals. Footage is not great. look at Clark. For 2nd and 3rd goals he is 15 yards infront of Lascelles. On 61 minutes gets the hook. What was that about.


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