He’s One Great Role Model For Youngsters On Tyneside

Michael Carrick has turned out to be one of the best footballers Newcastle (or should that we say – Wallsend – where he was born) have ever produced and he is just one of the (many) top footballers who got away from Newcastle United.

Michael has been interviewed in the Match of the Day magazine and he says it was always his dream to play for Newcastle, but after playing for the Wallsend Boys Club and the England Boys Club side he signed on at West Ham.

At that time he was a striker and it was only at West Ham that they started to play the Geordie in central midfield and the rest is history.

Michael Carrick – great role model for kids

Carrick has had a fabulous career at the Hammers, Tottenham and for the last eleven years at Manchester United.

This is what Michael said when asked in the interview  if he could still sign for Newcastle:

“No, I think that’s passed now. When I was a kid I was supporting Newcastle, I dreamed one day I would do but I count myself very fortunate to have played for Manchester United for so long.”

“It’s just one of those things where you can’t have everything. If and when I finish here at Manchester United, that will probably be it I think.”

“I wouldn’t say it was a definite option, but there was certainly interest there, a discussion or two, but there was nothing really.”

“It never got to a stage where a decision had to be made, it was just talks and nothing really happened.” “It’s just one of them things, life throws up things but it just wasn’t meant to be.”

“I’m not getting ahead of myself, I’ve been here for so long and I’ve enjoyed it, I won’t be playing for another club in England that’s for sure,” he said.

“We’ll see what happens, I haven’t really got any plans past this, I’m just enjoying how it is at the minute and just preparing for my testimonial.”

There was definite interest in Michael back in 2004 before he moved from West Ham to Tottenham and last summer there were some stories we may be close to signing him.

But Jose Mourinho was having none of it and gave him a one year extension which is likely to happen again this summer.

Michael is not only a great player but he’s a really good lad who has set up his Foundation to give funds to North East charities – and possibly the famous club he played for – Wallsend Boys Club – and also potentially to his former school Burnside High School.

Michael is just a terrific role model for the youngsters growing up in the Newcastle area – if they try to follow in Michael’s’ footsteps they will not go far wrong.

Michael has played 448 times for the Red Devils with 24 goals and 46 assists and even this season he has been an important player for them, since he tends to calm things down in midfield.

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