Promotion Great Achievement – My Players Deserve Lots of Credit

If Newcastle don’t win another game this season and Huddersfield don’t win all their remaining games, then Newcastle will still be promoted.

That’s just how strong Newcastle’s position is right now after today’s games – 2 points out of the last three games will be enough  to gain promotion.

Or alternatively the next time Huddersfield don’t win.

Rafa Benitez meets Chris Hughton at Brighton in late February

Rafa thinks teams like Brighton and Sheffield Wednesday had a massive advantage over Newcastle at the beginning of the season.

He believes it’s because of past experience in the Championship and being in the playoffs last season.

Benitez was asked if the difference between Newcastle and Brighton was the experience Brighton have in this division when they finished in 3rd place last year with a goal difference just two short of Middlesbrough’s goal difference.


This is how the gaffer answered that question, as reported in the Chronicle.

“It’s a massive difference.” “The experience and also the money Brighton have spent in the past.” 

“I don’t want to talk about, ‘We have spent more money’, ‘They have spent more money’.”

“You see where Brighton are, you see where Sheffield Wednesday are with teams that have been there before.”

“Huddersfield have a team – I think they have seven Germans, so maybe the manager knows the players.”

“He bought the players he needed, they know the division because they have been there before, they are doing well.”

“Then they have nothing to lose, they have confidence and the momentum is there.”

“The other teams, teams with experience, teams with players who know the division – Leeds also have players who know the division – and it’s quite normal, and it’s very difficult.”

“For us to be there, to change the team and bring in a lot of new players and then put all of them together and do well, I think it’s a great achievement.”

“I will not talk about whether, ‘I deserve or not’; I am telling you that these players, they deserve a lot of credit.”

“They are doing really well.” “Yes for sure, I knew that Brighton would be up there.”

“When we played against Sheffield Wednesday, I was talking with the manager about the players that he had from the final of the play-offs from the year before.”

“All the teams that were at the top of the table in the past couple of seasons, for me, they were teams who could be there – clearly they could be there.”

“Then when you talk about 46 games; experience, it’s massive, it’s crucial.” “Consistency and experience are crucial for me, so these teams were teams that could be there.”

“Obviously, everybody was expecting Norwich or Aston Villa also to be there and the fact that they are not there proves that it’s very difficult, this division.”

The lads have done extremely well and hopefully we can get the win on Monday night against Preston to start off huge celebrations on Tyneside and all around the world for that matter.

Howay The Lads!!

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