Fans Staggered By Fraud Allegations – Club Could Be Demoted

We don’t know how bad things are with Newcastle United after the club offices were raided this morning by HMRC agents and  financial records seized.

It’s apparently to do with some of our tax dealings over the last several years.

But there may be ominous consequences  for Newcastle United if thee are proved accurate – like the club being demoted much like Rangers were a few years ago.

Italian powerhouse Juventus were also relegated a few years back for frau type stuff.

Who would have thought this could happen just two days after we achieved our dream of getting back to the Premier League and it came out about the exact same time after our players reported back to training for their first season after being promoted.

You cannot make this stuff up.

The Newcastle fans have been totally and completely screwed again.

The consequences could be huge for the club.

If these charges are true we have been badly let down by those running the club with these headlines going worldwide – and it does not put Newcastle United in a good light.

The Mail is reporting that HMRC are now expected to go after other clubs as part of their broader investigations.

Apparently there are 43 players, 12 British teams and eight agents who are being investigated as part of the overall investigation.

What impact this will have ion Rafa benitez we don’t know but he will be staggered just like the rest of us.

If Chanley and others have committed fraud there’s no excuse but he’s also produced the worst scandal in our 125 year history and if these allegations are true it would be an absolute and complete disgrace.

The innocent victims of all this are the fans.

My father will be turning in his grave.

This is how fans reacted to the terrible news this morning:

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