This Would Be A Good Time For Mike Ashley To Sell Newcastle

We don’t know that much at all about what the investigations by HMRC personnel are completely about, but what we do know is that Newcastle have been charged with some illegal transfer(s) of players (to and) from France – that’s about it.

But the worrying thing is that this is yet another shock to Newcastle fans coming from the club that has been woefully controlled by Mike Ashley as the owner over the last ten years.

It’s another embarrassment for Newcastle United – and is being reported around the world.

During Ashley’s reign we have seen stupid moves like appointing a completely unqualified Joe Kinnear right out of the blue as the Director of Football and even banning local journalists from the press conferences.

Ridiculous and uncalled for.

Mike Ashley – his time could be up at Newcastle

During the ten years of Ashley’s ownership we have finished in the top nine in the Premier League once and been relegated twice.

Only once in that time did we get into European competition in 2012, but the owner refused to spend much money that summer and we only just avoided relegation the next season.

Not exactly a great period in Newcastle’s recent history.

Managing Director Lee Charnley was arrested early this morning and maybe it’s just an individual transgression, but the fact that HMRC official took financial documents from both St. James’ Park and Benton early this morning suggests it’s what Newcastle as a club have done which is the problem.

In any organization in a time of crisis you always look to leadership from the very top to give some sort of message of stability to prevent things spiraling out of control.

And in the case of Newcastle United that’s Mike Ashley.

He may know nothing at all about what’s happened, but it’s his responsibility to speak for the club in this time of yet another crisis.

We’ve heard absolutely nothing at all today from anybody at Newcastle – not even to say they are cooperating with HMRC agents – something West Ham put out today, who have also been charged with fraud along with Chelsea.

That’s not unusual at Newcastle, because we hardly ever hear from the owner, which is why nobody knows exactly what he may do next.

Mike Ashley has hardly respected some of the greats of Newcastle United such as Alan Shearer and Kevin Keegan and he’s simply ignored the fans.

Newcastle United could be a very good buy for some ambitious owners this summer and Mike should fairly easily be able to get the £270M back he has invested in the club – and maybe even make a profit if there are several potential buyers pushing up the price.

The huge advantage Newcastle now have is one of the best managers in the world in charge in Rafa Benitez – and Rafa seems (seemed?) keen to stay as long as he is fully supported by those  at the top.

And that didn’t seem to be happening during the January transfer window.

And while Mike Ashley was the antipathy of what fans want at Newcastle, Rafa is the exact opposite.

The 57 year-old knows just exactly what fans want – a very good team that can start to win trophies again for the first time since 1969.

Owners who are able to match the uninhibited ambitions of Mr. Rafa Benitez, whose team next season will play in front of sell-out crowds at St. James’ Park.

And exceed the average of 51,000 fans we have has this season in the English second division – a modern day record.

A new ambitious owner and Rafa in complete control of the club from a football viewpoint will be a match made in heaven – just like Rafa Benitez and the Newcastle fans are already a match made in heaven.

This is nothing personal against Mike Ashley – we don’t know the man – it’s based completely on his running of our club over the last 10 years.

Do the right thing Mike and sell up, but first make sure Rafa has his £100M for the summer transfer market.

Comments welcome.

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