What A Points Deduction Could Mean To Newcastle

The Chronicle has done some good research today on what happened when other clubs have got into serious financial problems,  but most of those are when a club has become insolvent (bankrupt) and what usually happens in those cases are there are points deductions.

It’s not clear how quickly this case against Newcastle will move forward with the terrible news this morning the club is accused of some improper transfer dealings we have done in France.

Yes – for all those sub-standard players we have brought in these last few years.

But whether we are found guilty or not, since we were just promoted two days ago – the timing couldn’t have been worse.

Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley
Thumbs up – we just did some incredible transfers in France!

Could this  possibly impact our promotion?

We suppose a punishment to Newcastle  could be to  disallow the promotion, but maybe a fairer way is to do a points deduction.

Then the next questions becomes how many points and in which season does it come – this season or next season?

If it comes this season then it could become complicated because some decision would need to be made quickly because Newcastle would still likely qualify for the play-offs with points deducted.

Since the law doesn’t move with any kind of speed (other than slow), it seems unlikely the points deduction would be for this season – unless we were allowed in the play offs  – but heaven forbid no – my nerves and most of the rest of me are already shot!

Notice if Chelsea have points deducted  for this season that would be easier, because there are no play-offs in the Premier League.

So if there is a points deduction it seems it would be easier and more practicable to have it for the Premier League next season.

That would even be good for Newcastle and Rafa Benitez,  because Mike Ashley should be motivated to give Rafa whatever he needs to ensure the Spanish manager at least keeps Newcastle in the Premier League next season.

So it seems Rafa’s request for £100M to bring in up to seven players this summer would not be a problem to Ashley in those circumstances.

We just wonder what Rafa’s view of all this is, that’s one big thing worrying us.

It’s simply disgusting the good name of Newcastle United Football Club has been damaged by those running the club from the top.

And since Mike Ashley is the top man he has to take the full responsibility for this – any business leader worth their salt would come out and take that responsibility – and quickly too.

We’ve seen some comments today from fans saying allow Rafa Benitez to take over the club completely – and that’s not a bad idea.

He has full integrity and would never do this kind of stupid, illegal and underhand stuff.

But what a club always needs is a top executive to work hand-in-hand with Rafa to get the transfers through during the transfer window and for other functions the club has to do – such as summer tours and pre-season friendly games – and dare I say it – financial management.


We just hope Mike Ashley stays out of the way and maybe Rafa can decide which executive he would like to work with at Newcastle.

But Ashley is hardly willing to allow that.

Remember when we were saying recently that not even Mike Ashley could screw this one up.

Wrong again.

And did we ever say it was really hard to support Newcastle United?

The dedicated Newcastle fans have been through hell and high water supporting the club these previous two seasons of nonsense and complete incompetence  – mainly from Managing Director Lee Charnley as it so happens

And then finally when the fans are ecstatic as on Monday night (fans all around the world I may add) and we see the light at the end of the tunnel with a living God in charge of the all football affairs –  this happens.

The club should issue an out-and-out an apology to the dedicated fans and everybody associated with one of the greatest clubs in England  – Newcastle United.

We just have to hope our Premier League status is not affected for next season (even if we get a points deduction) and that Rafa Benitez stays at Newcastle.

You cannot make this stuff up!

I am very concerned about what Rafa Benitez thinks about all of this nonsense.

Comments welcome –  but please keep it clean because of the young fans who read this blog.

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