Some Good Can Come From Yesterday’s Shocking Events

A new day, a new dollar – a new controversy?

With Managing Director Lee Charnley having being released yesterday afternoon after helping HMRC officials with their enquiries, that was a little bit of good news.

He had been shockingly arrested yesterday morning but was released without charge and that dramatic raid by HMRC officials yesterday in France and England was over £5M as part of a tax fraud.

Rafa Benitez – Newcastle United manager

It was associated in part with image rights of players – which has always been a dodgy issue – a gray area for a while now.

We hope things can calm down today, but the timing of the raid was interesting, just as our elated players were reporting back at Benton for their first training session after being promoted on Monday night.

Nobody’s going to say that was just a coincidence with Newcastle being the major club raided along with West Ham and Chelsea.

And there was ever a man who can keep things calm and under control at Newcastle it is Rafa Benitez and we expect him to show that at his press conference today.

We expect Rafa to be calm and super cool and refuse to answer any questions on what happened yesterday since he is preparing his team for the game at Cardiff City tomorrow night.

Rafa has the stature, personality and aura about him to calm things down at a club like Newcastle, which has historically lurched from one crisis to another.

We are very lucky to have such a world-renowned manager with integrity as the manager of Newcastle United and the fans know that only too well.

We wonder if Mike Ashley knows that too?

It would be dangerous for Mike Ashley not to give Rafa Benitez all he wants this summer – after all Rafa only wants to make the club Ashley owns into a European powerhouse.

What’s wrong with that?

Comments welcome.

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