Rafa Really Pleased – We Did Our Job – Our Fans Are Delighted

Rafa Benitez will be welcomed back to Newcastle a week on Sunday with open arms for the big finale of what has turned out to be a very successful promotion  season for the adoring Newcastle fans.

This man is not only a world-class manager, but he was born to manage a club as proud and as big as Newcastle United.

Newcastle have won their last two games and we have a great chance to finish the season on a high with another win at home against Barnsley a week on Sunday.

And the roof will come off St. James’ Park even though we may not go up as Champions.

A very happy Rafa Benitez tonight in south Wales

It would be fitting too if owner Mike Ashley is at the game and has already met with Rafa for  the manager to take him through his detailed and comprehensive blueprint for the long term successful future of Newcastle United with 57 year-old at the helm.

Does that sound good to you or does that sound good to you?


We need Mike and Rafa to be UNITED together and if that’s clear by a week on Sunday  that would be simply fabulous and a fitting end to a very tough season.

This is what a contented Rafa Benitez told Sky Sports after the game tonight  – our 28th win of the season and a record 14th win away from home:

“Obviously I’m really pleased because of the promotion and really pleased because we played a difficult team and did well. In the second half we had control and passed the ball much better and with more pace, which we needed to do.

“Atsu scored the other day and got another one today, I was really pleased with the free-kick and with Hayden as well.”  “He’s a very hard-working midfielder and having a player who can score these kinds of goals is great for us too.”

“We’re happy with our performance and the promotion, if we can win the title fine, but if we cannot we’re still really pleased with our season.”

“To do it today after the promotion and be closer to Brighton is quite positive for everyone.”

“You never know.” “Something that they have is experience. “We did our job. We’re happy with that. Also, when you play away, always it’s good for your fans if you can win, and especially if it’s a long, long trip.”

“I think that the fans were delighted and hopefully they can go back even happier.”

If Brighton win one of their last two games they will go up as the number one club – and good luck to them – it will not dim our great pride at what Newcastle have done this season.

If Brighton go up as Champions maybe we show our class and congratulate Brighton, Chris and their fans – we will be doing that – but only if that’s the outcome and we still have a chance to finish top.


Our players have been magnificent and it’s a very tough and very grueling league.

I have aged about three years since last August.


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