Journalists Attempt To Scare Fans But Rafa’s Going Nowhere

Now Newcastle are back in the Premier League we are suddenly being noticed again by the national press after being in the wilderness for a year, when it was hard to even get a headline in the National sports pages  even when we won 9 games in a row.

We did get a headline, but only when we were shockingly beaten at home by Blackburn Rovers and failed to create a new club record of 10 wins in a row.

The only way we would have had a major headline is if we were near the bottom of the Championship and that would have been great news for the minds of National journalists – the negative minds of National journalists.

Remember – good news never sells – only bad news.

These two men can make Newcastle great again

Things have gone very well this season for Newcastle and we could even win the Championship next Sunday afternoon, which would be more bad news for the national journalists.

If we win at home to Barnsley and Brighton don’t win at Aston Villa then we’ll go up as Champions.

One example of making bad news out of good news is pundit Paul Merson, who we remember criticized the Newcastle fans all during our relagetion season.

And would you believe he thinks  that Rafa Benitez will walk away from the club this summer.

This is what Paul has said in the Star today:

“Without new signings they’ll finish 15th or 16th at best in the Premier league.” 

Benitez might wonder whether it’s worth it if he doesn’t get a big transfer budget.”

“He could walk into another job fairly easily. He would be in demand.”

“Rafa Benitez can leave Newcastle a hero if he walks out this summer – and I think he will.”

“He can leave with his head held high.”

Why does Paul start with an invalid premise – that Newcastle we will not sign any players this summer?

The the inside news from our local journalists is that Rafa wants to sign at least six new players who can become starters next season.

So why even talk about the same team starting next season because it will not happen.

Merson seems upset that Newcastle fans may be really happy right now so he predicts Benitez will walk out on the club.

We often wonder what Rafa thinks of these kinds of comments?

He’s been a front-line manager  for close to 30 years and a number of the pundits have never managed a game in their lives.

It’s true there is a chance there could be a blowup at Newcastle in the one-on-one meeting between Ashley and Benitez that will hopefully take place this week, but we don’t think that will happen.

Rafa has done the hard part – he’s got us back in one season from the wilderness of the  Championship and that has been one heck of a management accomplishment right there – but Rafa will not get the credit for it.

Rafa sees Newcastle United as a sleeping giant and now he wants the full support to build Newcastle United into a European powerhouse, but he needs the resources and help from Mike Ashley to do that.

Ashley also needs to have the same ambition and get on the same wavelength as the world-class Newcastle manager.

But Mike Ashley will hardly want Rafa to leave the club after he has saved (and made him)  him so much money in just one season.

Newcastle will get about £100M in additional revenues next season with our promotion back to the Premier League and the club is now worth at least £100M more than it was this time last year – so Mike owns a club growing in  value, revenue  and stature.

He knows all about money so why would he stop a manager like Rafa, who wants to make Ashley’s  football club one of the most valuable in England and even in Europe?

That’s what Rafa wants to do – and as soon as he can – and the goal would be to win the Champions League – that’s the only reason he agreed to stay on and manage down below.

Mike Ashley is not as daft as some people think – especially where money is concerned.

Rafa basically wants to make Newcastle into a very rich club in both revenues and net-worth on the open market, should the club be sold.

Ashley has made a lot of silly mistakes in the past,  but he has been in the background and let Rafa do the job all season apart from his unwanted interference in January.

We hear the two men even liked each other at their meeting  a year ago after the 5-1 thumping of Tottenham Hotspur, and we think both men are savvy enough to know that one is very good for the other.

And that will be very good for Newcastle United Football Club.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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