Newcastle Star – We Are Improving Going Through These Difficult Times

You have probably already realized that one of our favorite young players at Newcastle is Isaac Hayden and this lad has had a great first season on Tyneside and and quite honestly it could not have been much better.

When he was signed by Rafa last summer he was brought in by the manager as a defensive midfielder and he has made that position his own this season and we certainly missed him when he was out injured earlier this year.

He’s a very technical and classy player and he makes a difference when he plays for the side.

He can also score some great goals as he demonstrated last Friday at Cardiff City and if he can add goals to his game – he will be so much better in the future.

Isaac Hayden after scoring at Cardiff City – YES

And the really exciting part is that we expect this lad to keep improving in all aspects of his game and maybe even next season could be his breakthrough season  in the Premier League.

But we’ll leave it at that – we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves.

Isaac always gives good interviews and he has pointed out in the Chronicle today that the squad is young and the ups and downs and difficulties of this season are a learning exercise for lots of our players.

Certainly that’s the way Rafa will look at it and he is teaching the players in order that they improve every single week this season – and most of them have.

Certainly that’s the way Rafa will look at this season – he’s had a season with a number of the players who will be at Newcastle long term as he hopefully builds a team to compete with the big boys in the Premier League and in Europe.

This is some of what Isaac has said in the Chronicle today:

“Overall we have a young squad, people can easily forget that. There is plenty of time for us all to improve and I am sure we will.”

“To be in pressure situations like we have been in recent weeks will only help us. Playing in big games, high pressure games, is what every football should want to do.”

“From the Leeds game, drawing that game took the sting out of us a little, had we won things might have been different. We can’t think ifs and buts and maybes.”

“We have got over the line, whether we win the title or not.”

“You have to wait before you book your holidays because you don’t want to, or plan in your head, when things aren’t done properly.”

“The only time you can really do that is in a week’s time or whatever when you are promoted.”  “None of the lads had booked their holidays, we all knew we had to get the job done first.”

“We all wanted to get the wins to get over the line, I’m pretty sure when we did get over the line there were a few lads rushing out to book their holidays!”

“Even then, the next day, we went back to training and had to be focused for the Cardiff game and we will be preparing for the Barnsley game as well.”

“We are all professionals we want to win them all.”

Really good words there from a player who cost us just £2.5M from Arsenal last summer.

And it’s good Rafa Benitez keeps them focused all the time and if there was ever a person who sets an example as the complete professional – it’s Rafa Benitez.

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